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Your property is probably your most valuable asset, and you need to be sure it is in safe hands when you come to let it. 

We pride ourselves on building strong working relationships with our landlords – many of whom have been with us since we started and they continue to recommend us to family and friends – so when you come to Cavendish Rentals, you can be sure you will be working with a trustworthy, capable organisation.

Don’t just take our word for it though – one of the ways that we prove our trustworthiness and capabilities is by membership of professional bodies. To date, there is no Government licensing of letting agents. For this reason, it is advisable to work with an agent who has chosen voluntarily to join the relevant professional associations.

Cavendish Rentals are members of....

Choosing the Right Tenant

Tenant selection is one of the most critical steps in ensuring a successful let; get it wrong and you can be in for a long period of stress and worry and even financial loss.

Not only do we ensure that a prospective tenant is financially viable, legally entitled to rent and has no history of defaults or bad behaviour, we are also mindful of an owner’s preferences in our selection process. All potential tenants complete a detailed application form either on paper or online and must provide photo ID as well.

References provided for previous landlords, employers and friends are all followed up and confirmed and credit checks are also done as part of this process. We will provide you with the information we have gathered and we will give you our recommendation based on our experience and knowledge.

Cavendish Rentals Limited have a number of tried and tested processes in place to ensure you get the right tenant and therefore peace of mind for the rental period.


  • We use Let Alliance Referencing Service to fully reference all applicants; this shows up any discrepancies in the tenant’s application, and also ensures that the tenant is financially able to rent the property.
  • We use viewing appointments as a valuable opportunity to get to know the applicants and make sure they are right for your property. The majority of our viewings take place at weekends and we have staff available to cater for this.



  • Once a prospective tenant puts in an offer we will contact you and communicate the full details of the offer, along with as much information as possible in order to help you to decide whether or not to accept the offer.
  • Following successful referencing, we draw up a Tenancy Agreement, and collect cleared funds for the first month’s rent and the deposit prior to the tenant moving in.


Inspection Process

Not all letting agents do this but we consider that carrying out a full Check In & Check Out procedure is an essential part of the landlord/tenant relationship. We appreciate that tenants just want to move into their new home and many are not concerned about the check in process, but we make them aware that time spent going through the inventory at the beginning of the tenancy is time well spent and can prevent problems at the end of the tenancy.

Check In

Our Management Department creates an extremely detailed Inventory/Schedule of Condition for each property, fully supported by photographs of the property and contents (including keys listed and checked). This document can form vital evidence if there should be a problem at the end of the tenancy and that is why it is so detailed.

A member of our Management Department will attend the property and take the tenant through the checklist and also make sure the tenant understands basics such as how the central heating works, where the stop tap is and how to contact us in an emergency.


Check Out

Once the tenant gives notice we offer them a Pre Check Out appointment where we will spend some time with the tenant explaining what is expected at the end of the tenancy and how the property should be handed back in order to receive their deposit back as quickly as possible.

At the Check Out appointment, a member of our Management Department will attend the property and go through the Inventory/Schedule of Condition report.

If there are any issues then we will negotiate to have them put right so that the property can be re let with the shortest possible void period.


Your Tenant’s Deposit

We are members of the Deposit Protection Service and all deposit monies are held by the DPS, who offer a free arbitration service should we not be able to successfully negotiate the end of the tenancy and use of the deposit.

The most common cause for concern at the end of a tenancy is not damage, it is the standard of cleanliness – this is where our Inventory/Schedule of Condition comes in.

By clearly outlining the standard of cleanliness at the beginning of the tenancy and combined with our thorough Tenancy Agreement, we usually have sufficient grounds to have the property cleaned at the outgoing tenant’s expense, thus facilitating a speedy re-let.

For more details, visit the Deposit Protection Service